The 7 Yeses of Authenticity Marketing™ 

This series of articles introduces Authenticity Marketing.
Read the first article,  The First Yes, Authentic Value

Branding Gets Personal 

“Golden rewards await the advertiser who has the brains to create a coherent image and the stability to stick with it over a long period,” wrote advertising maven David Ogilvy some 40 years ago. Branding is the process that delivers such an image. It has been used for decades to unearth a memorable presence for products and services.
But is this the case when the product or service is you?  (more)

Transforming Dreams into Vision

We all have dreams. We remember some of our nightly dreams while others are forgotten. These images from sleep are clues to our deeper, richer inner life and are useful in helping us with sudden insights.

We have another kind of dream–one that will satisfy our wishes: I dream I will be famous, successful, looked up to, admired. . . . This more conscious dream is a critical component in creating life satisfaction.

As children we are encouraged to dream these dreams, but, as we move into adulthood, we are expected to have determined our destination and to settle in and sail our course.   (more)

 Integrity Gap Part 1

Doing business at light speed leaves modern life susceptible to slipping up on a commitment now and again. Entrepreneurs and others in business are especially vulnerable. While busy fulfilling promises wearing one hat, we may ignore completing commitments made under another. The consequences can result in an integrity gap. (more)

Integrity Gap Part 2

If each of us is in jeopardy of not discharging all our promises in the process of handling our business, family and personal tasks, how can we approach the situation? The answer is to prioritize our commitments in an integrative approach. Before we begin to rank our tasks, we must determine what is meant by an integrative approach. Then we can look at a couple strategies to work with priorities and apply these to head off future  integrity gap difficulties. (more)