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Social Media and Video

New-Media Marketing gives you the best of the web and video production. You can connect and form deeper trust with your prospects, investors and current clients.

First impressions count. How do you want people to see your business? Video allows your prospects to experience your business first hand. People connect with your story in seconds.
Using video, podcasts and other tools, you can reach audiences around the corner as well as around the world.

How can we help you build and maintain a strong brand, attract clients and shorten the path to profitability? Ask us.

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Grow Your Business

All businesses need to acquire new customers. Would potential customers rather read about your product or service or experience it?

With video, website visitors can experience what you have to offer and hear from a satisfied customer. Seeing and hearing a message from the owner or president boosts confidence in the company.

Increase your conversion rate for potential clients and keep current customers engaged.

We take you from script to screen step by step so your website is more effective. Expect high-quality video combined with exceptional customer service.
We extend your brand through the power of video. Let us tell your business story.

Convey Media Group offers:

  • Corporate video productions
  • Testimonials
  • Instructional videos
  • Other media services

Convey Media Group is built on years of professional storytelling experience. Our videographers and creative team includes a seasoned corporate trainer and writer as well as a former television news reporter and anchor.

The Proof Is in the Product

When potential customers land on your website, shouldn’t they see your products or services brought to life?
Video consistently delivers a controlled sales message.

Watch how we’ve already made an impact for business owners with authentic business feature stories.
View our examples of human interest stories that also could tell your tale.

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Make an appointment today and share your story. Be on the cutting edge and let the world of video work for you.

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