Social Media for Independent Authors and Innovators

Filling Your Social Media Needs

New-Media Marketing gives you the best of web-based messaging, social networks and video production. You can connect and form deeper trust with your prospects, investors and current clients. Authenticity Marketing presents your company from the inside out.

Social Media is critical to your business. How can we help you build and maintain a strong brand, attract clients and shorten the path to profitability? Ask us.

How can Social Media Help Book Exposure

With the increase of independent authors (you may be one!) and the proliferation of traditional and e-books on Amazon and other platforms, you need help to get the word out about your latest book. Look to Convey Media Group to help through social media and other promotional activities.


How can Social Media Help Your New Product?

Social media is here to stay. As your business grows you will probably need someone to create social media messages to keep current customers engaged and attract new ones. To keep your campaigns fresh and interactive, your social media should do the following:

  1. Create buzz before your launch. You want people talking about your product before it goes to market if possible. Tasks can provide a head start.
  2. Co-create with customers. Your customers know themselves better than you can, and, given the right nudges, they will tell you almost anything you need to know.
  3. Different customers react to different stimuli. A variety of social media approaches can be directed to different customers.
  4. Trigger the customer at the right time. Customers are most open to messaging when they are ready to buy or in certain phases of the research stage. Social media can be used successfully to time your messages.
  5. People buy emotionally. Social media combined with successful branding can elicit the right emotions.
  6. Children love stories; so do adults. Use social media to tell your story.


Grow Your Business

All businesses need to acquire new customers and keep current ones delighted. Your website is the window to your world.

Increase your conversion rate for potential clients and keep current customers engaged.

We extend your brand through the power of video. Let us tell your business story.

Convey Media Group offers:

  • Blogging
  • Content for Google+
  • Content for Facebook
  • LinkedIn entries
  • Twitter
  • Other social media services

Act Now

Make an appointment today and share your story or latest book.  Be on the cutting edge and let media work for you.