Authenticity Marketing

Convey Media Group Marketing Distinguishes Your Business
using Authenticity MarketingTM

Why Change?

If your potential clients don’t know who you are, they cannot hire you or purchase your products. Today most businesses do not have a sharp enough message to attract and keep buyers. They leave the same messages posted month after month encouraging potential prospects to unplug.

You need to keep them engaged.

Personal Branding 

We have a process to help you clarify or hone your branding. Many of our clients have gone through our Personal Branding process and improved messaging. As a result, they have seen profits improve because their prospects and clients understand what and how they deliver.

How Does Authenticity Marketing Help?

Once you have their attention, keep it!

We use a variety of methods to keep your name and image in front of your clients. Convey Media Group cuts to the quick and captures your audience holding them by the imagination!
Anchored in your authenticity, we help you to create a structured plan. Then the work begins:

  • Visceral wording tantalizes your prospect. We whet their appetites.
  • Well-crafted presentations bring your audience in to buy.
  • Authenticity transforms websites from ordinary to captivating.
  • Targeting the right market breeds success.
  • Promotion and sales follow product and service development.

And this all flows out of your authentic voice on the web and beyond.