Personal Branding

Build a Personal Brand Potent Enough to Support Your Business

Before your can effectively market to clients and customers, you need a consistent, authentic message. Branding is the process that enables companies to become clearer about who they are and what they have to offer. Once this process is completed, branding helps find the best ways to craft and communicate the message.

Each of us is unique, if not in some way we can describe, at least in our physical characteristics. Even twins have different fingerprints. The grand scheme of things points to this uniqueness if we examine the human being.

Living in this uniqueness creates authenticity–what is also called being true to one’s self. Why is it that most of us remember the quote “to thy own self be true” from Shakespeare’s Hamlet? It may be because this strikes the authenticity chord in each of us and reminds us of our own special gifts we are here to share.

It’s Not Brain Surgery But It’s Difficult with a Mirror

Ever try to fill in one of those self-development quizzes and then leverage it for something useful?

Self-discovery processes are best accomplished with the help of others, which may make you wonder why they call it “self-help.” Reading self-help books and articles is worthwhile, but implementing the ideas presented may prove more difficult. That’s one of the reasons Convey Media Group works with clients in a structured process to uncover the hidden treasure of uniqueness.

Our most dedicated clients work one-on-one with our brand builder to accelerate and individualize the process in a group format. The group dynamic allows us to reduce the time needed for this customized process to be completed.

Some of our clients have used the intensive weekend workshop, The Purpose-Powered Professional, to accelerate this process in a group setting and come out with a strong foundation for a personal and, in some cases, a business brand. One of our participants was able to write over 75% or her website based on the exercises in the workshop.