Authenticity Offerings

Social Media  Whether through Facebook, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest or other platforms, your online presence defines you to many new prospects. What do they find when they search you on the web?  Are you an expert or merely a timid presence? We can build your reputation by creating and implementing a social media plan and creating content with our writers, photographers and videographers. Show your business and brand to the world.

Presentations  A sizzling Powerpoint can elicit  maximum impact. The right design, graphics and wording capture your audience’s attention.  Collaborate with us to assure that your vital ideas imprint and leave the right impressions.

Website Copy  Wise up while the competition sleeps. Ever encountered a website that was beautiful but dysfunctional? Surprising how companies spend a bundle to build the site but ignore the wording. We slave over your content to present your company, services and products to produce a compelling story for your customers.

Copy Writing  Powerful words and images create the first impression of your company, you and your products. Using creative expression, you can capture your audience with your essential message. Whether through social media or on paper, we can help you architect the words that roll off your pages, website and lips to resonate in your client’s mind.

Target Market Identification  Discover where the perfect vehicles to introduce your company, yourself and/or your products should be placed.  Placement of your essential messages is key to capture the right clients. We help identify where and when to use your marketing dollars for best results.

Product/Service Development  Develop the highest level of quality possible in your product or service.  Through role-playing, focus groups and other techniques, you can build what you do into something extraordinary and able to give the most benefit to your customers.  Properly developed products and services will outstrip your competition bringing you to a leadership role in your market