Sticky Brands

Authentic Brands Have Stickiness

Because a brand is authentic, it is effective and brings clients back to see what you are doing since they are attracted to the “real you” in the first place. If you are speaking from your truth as you do business, your unique blend of light will shine through. Clients will talk about you and seek you out if you have this alignment. The alignment will drive you to help because you are tuned into how you can create mutually beneficial relationships.

Jump on board and begin living your life in a more integrative way:
For all the time you spend in working, let it be a reflection of you so it will be delightful and energizing.
Set yourself up to jump out of bed in the morning and approach what you do with the passion of who you are.

Convey Media Group Marketing Distinguishes Your Business

Become a More Authentic Business
When you decide to work with us to operate from a place of greater authenticity, we work together to distinguish you from other people and other businesses. This process is core to our methodology that begins on the inside and works its way out.

Many people who do their own marketing or have it done for them look outward to see what is the hottest trend and how they can leverage that trend. Although we believe in the power of knowing the current market, we feel even stronger about understanding yourself and your company. If you chase the latest trends, your brand and your focus can get diluted.

We have seen businesses that use “Follow the Trends” marketing. They are forever changing their image and at some point forget who to tell their clients they are. This path is parallel to creating multiple masks and not remembering which one to use with whom. Not only do they confuse clients, but they muddy their own view of themselves. In addition, most small to mid-sized businesses cannot afford to have deep market research done five or six times a year. Save your money and use more marketing muscle.

Want to Create a Powerful Pull for Clients?

Using authenticity in your marketing demands that you are aligned. First you must create alignment with your values and preferences; this is the internal step.

Next you must align your inner concepts with the outer world you wish to serve. At that point you create a powerful ability to attract others who share your ideals and your goals, and, after all, isn’t that the best kind of client?

For more information check out our Authenticity Marketing page.