Video Tips

Capture Video Testimonials with Ease

When is a good time to get a video testimonial from your customers?

Some think it is after delivery of the service or product but that may be too late. Arranging a time with them may not be convenient and will require more effort on your part and theirs.

Keep your video camera on hand so that any time during your interaction with customers, you are ready to video a testimonial. Most customers are happy to take a few minutes to talk about their experiences with you.

How long should a video testimonial be? When most people start doing these testimonials, they believe the more the better. This is not the case. Ask only a few questions so that testimonial will be no longer than two minutes, and it will actually be better if it is less than a minute. To be efficient in doing testimonials, you will need to be ready with the right questions.

To prepare for interviews, have a few questions ready so the video testimonial activity can go quickly and smoothly. Your actual questions will be determined by your product or service but lets look at a few starters.

  • How long have you shopped with us or used our services?
  • What do you like most about working with us?
  • Recommend one product, service or the business with your reason for using the company
  • Describe an incident which made you like our product, service or the business
  • Will you use us again?
  • How are we different/better than our competition

Ask your customers to smile and project a positive attitude as they answer the questions. If the customer is in a rush you may get a testimonial you cannot use. Be sure to prepare whoever will be on video. The subjects do not have to know the actual questions until you interview them, however, give them enough information so that they will be comfortable.

By planning a few questions and having a video camera on hand, you can capture video testimonials at the right time: When customers are satisfied. 

Video testimonials can enhance your marketing efforts and be an inexpensive form of advertising for most any business.

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