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Could you use some help with your marketing and writing?  Can we help fulfill your social media roles? Today many people find there are not enough hours in the day. Our writers enjoy researching, posting and putting your best foot forward.

Most of us are visual and live in a world of images, movies and a torrent of words. We believe you can make a lasting impression with the right video based on your brand and a strong marketing direction. That’s the starting point when we produce promotional videos.

Who is On Our Team?
The Authenticity Marketing/Video Team

Drew_Becker_web_0026Drew Becker
CEO, Producer and Content Provider
Drew left corporate America with honed writing, branding and marketing skills more than a decade ago. He held positions at ABB, DuPont, AT&T, SHL Systemhouse and ICC-RTCI and consulted for companies such as Nortel and IBM. Armed with a degree in English from the University of Colorado and too many long hours in cubicles, he founded Convey Media Group.

We love businesses bringing new products to life. For small and mid-sized businesses, we can help with marketing, branding and communications.

Today that means social media and we love to write–whether for websites, Google+, Facebook, Twitter Linked-In or some other platform. We  also enjoy working on scripts with our video clients.

Drew has been published in Business Leader, Carolina News Wire, Triangle Business Connections, ESP, The Denver Post and The Rocky Mountain News.

Drew likes variety and enjoys researching different topics to spice up social media messages.

DianaHendersonDiana Henderson
Editor in Chief, Writer, Graphics and Creative Consultant

A graphic designer and stickler for correct grammar as an editor and copywriter, Diana captures the spirit of our client’s businesses. She brings a wealth of experience and artistry to her writing and designs.

Diana began in this field during college when she worked as copy editor and later managing editor at The East Carolinian. After graduating with a degree in English, specialization in writing, and a minor a journalism, she spent a short-lived stint as a reporter before entering graduate school at UNCG to attain English teaching certification, which she completed in December 1982. After a few years teaching high school English, Diana continued to use her considerable writing, editing and graphics skills while working for Greensboro Artists’ League and Carson-Dellosa Publishing in the late 1980s and early ’90s. As a freelance editor and graphic designer, she honed her craft even further in the years that followed.

Diana joined the team of Convey Media Group in 2002. She continues to benefit the company and its clients with her expertise in writing, editing and graphic design.

With a love of wordplay and drawing, much of her life has focused on the pursuits of a powerful and gifted imagination. Diana is the author of Grandfather Poplar, one of Realization Press’ fiction offerings.

Her goal in working with Convey Media Group is to continue to let creativity flourish as she helps others plumb their inner resources and reveal their businesses to the world in a way that reflects their core ideals. She also gives our clients the benefit of her considerable expertise and experience in editing. In the last year of working as the in-house editor for Realization Press, a subsidiary of Convey Media Group, she has edited many of the publishing company’s manuscripts.

Misty_CMisty Campbell
Video Producer
Meet a go-getter. Misty is an 18-year veteran in the field of communications. Her experience varies from shooting and editing video to preparing a United States Senator for a live television interview. Her passion for media began in 1991 when she was selected to help launch a new television station in an untapped market.

In the newsroom, Misty has worked as a videographer, editor, reporter, assignment editor, producer, news anchor and assistant news director. Live location reporting, producing and health features were just some of the areas she focused on during her 10 years in television.

Following television and politics, Misty took her passion for media to the private sector. She managed corporate communications for a software company and implemented marketing programs for several medical companies.

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Convey Media Group makes significant use of other resources for additional editing, programming, web services, graphics and additional marketing services.

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