Happy New Year from Convey Media Group 2014

2013 has been a year of incredible changes in the world around us. As if the landscape couldn’t have changed as much as the previous year, the acceleration amplified. I feel that we are living at such a quick pace that days and months blend into one another and keeping track of what is important can be more and more challenging.

In the last year I have had the pleasure of participating in the Datajam at DataPalooza conference where our team investigated an application to meter water and alert owners of excessive usage due to leaks or equipment functioning inefficiently. We were one of the finalist teams and nearly won the competition. The work with the team was exhilarating.

City Camp held at the NC State state-of-the-art library was another opportunity to meet with creative minds in the Triangle.

Convey Media Group worked with a number of clients creating content throughout the year. Thanks to Home Care Assistance of Raleigh, Dr Ashley Mann, DDS, and McNeil Law Firm for the opportunities to work with them on their social media.

I enjoyed the Social Media Management Certification program presented by Martin Brossman and Karen Tiede. I gained many insights into tools and techniques to be more effective for my clients with social media and met some fantastic folks.

By switching to Solavei I continue to pay my cell phone bills and helping others reduce or eliminate their cell phone bills. A number of people have joined and saved significant money.

Thanks to Bill Davis for the 100 Days to Abundance program which helped me focus my business and create a new direction for 2014. Convey Media Group will seek to help innovative companies to improve their social media this year.


In appreciation to all, here is my poem for the new year:


whirlwind of light

hold fast and hold on tight
set your anchor in your space
turbulence may not slow
so keep steady your pace

 tech can only accelerate
reveal more open growth
keep your tiller to tack to
wonder and kindness both

 jettison what’s not yours
or of value no more
strip down to essentials
and strengthen the core

 no need or concern
for what’s to be left behind
with connections sustained
your true essence’s aligned

 as the new year unfurled
show your tribes you are here
to carry forward all your links
as you lift into the air


dbecker 12/31/13

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